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The State of the Union, The State of Your Education

Following tonight’s  State of the Union, President Obama will begin a series of speaking events across the country, traveling to Iowa, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado tomorrow and Thursday before arriving in Michigan on Thursday evening at the University of Michigan.

We need not skirt the issue that this is an election year, and of course the President must do what he must do to secure votes–especially in Michigan–but considering his speaking events concern higher education, well, then they should be considered.

So, what is the President going to chirp about?

Well, we’ll hear about it in the SOTU, but if we were to guess what Obama was going to say about education, it would probably be along the lines of affordability. He’s been hitting the issue fairly hard lately, especially since his election campaign is focusing on a middle-class message. In fact, Obama released a webcast last week that hinted at the SOTU’s content. Parts of that speech suggested that it would modeled on December’s Kansas speech that focused on “getting people the education and training they need so they’re ready to take on jobs of today and tomorrow.”

You can see in our previous posts that Obama has been revving up his focus on college costs. For instance, in December he met with college leaders to discuss tuition affordability. Why is this such an important issue? Well, on top of it being an election year, college tuition is rising faster than inflation! With budget and funding cuts, public universities are losing their funding flexibility. Many public universities are looking for out-of-state students, who pay higher tuition, to balance the books. On top of this, student-loan debt is estimated to be $1 trillion.

So, sshhyeeeah. President Obama has a lot of ground to cover in terms of higher education. And if he can resolve even a portion of the issues at hand…well, I’m sure some college-bound students would be happy to extend their vote to him.

What’s your take on the affordability issues? If you were in power, how would you solve the problem?

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President Obama Meets with College Leaders Over Tuition Affordability

Don’t worry bros, President Obama has got your backs. Just like you, Mr. President is totally bewildered by college costs and wants to figure out a way to make tuition more affordable for normal people.

To help get to the bottom of this predicament, or at least crack the surface, the president met privately with university presidents and chancellors at the White House this Monday. Wouldn’t you be super pumped if the president just invited you over to talk IN THE WHITE HOUSE?

So, the meeting occurred, and according the The Chronicle of Higher Education, the point of the gathering was to figure out ways to bring down “overall campus costs” across the United States. What a lovely idea!

According to Inside Higher Ed, the people present at the meeting were…

3 state university systems: Nancy Zimpher, chancellor of the State University of New York; Francisco Cigarroa, chancellor of the University of Texas System; and William E. (Brit) Kirwan, chancellor of the University System of Maryland.

3 from public universities:  Holden Thorp, chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Freeman Hrabowski III, president of the University of Maryland at Baltimore County; and F. King Alexander, president of California State University at Long Beach.

1 from a community college: Thomas Snyder, president of Ivy Tech Community College, the Indiana community college system.

3 private nonprofit college presidents: Jared L. Cohon, president of Carnegie Mellon University; Larry Shinn, president of the famously tuition-free Berea College; and Robert Mendenhall, president of Western Governors University, whose model of fully online, competency-based education has been embraced by numerous states in recent months..

The meeting was said to be very open and engaging. Different parties brought up various desires such as one to see more minority students pursue science, technology, engineering and math disciplines, to which, I can only imagine President Obama responded, “Then let’s BRING DOWN THE COST.”

Here here!

What would you have said at the meeting if you were present? Do you have a solution to college costs?

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15 Colleges and Universities with Best Return on Investment

In light of the current financial atmosphere and increasing cost of college tuition, a lot of people are wondering if it’s even worth it to go into debt for a college education. Well, fortunately for those who do wind up paying mind-blowingly large heaps of money to pay for their higher education costs, research generally shows that they will earn millions more than peers with no college education over the course of a lifetime. So–good news–there’s definitely a return of investment for most college degrees.

According the Daily Beast‘s college rankings, degrees from certain colleges are worth even more in terms of return on investment (ROI). But, this ROI ranking doesn’t just take into account money, although it’s a big part of it. This ranking takes into account nostalgia and good memories from college, aka: happiness.

So,the Daily Beast’s list of schools with “Best Return on Investment” is based on satisfaction of alumni with college experience along with donations to school and’s ranking the colleges worth the investment.

Here are the top 15 schools:

1. Princeton University

2. Amherst College

3. Dartmouth College 

4. Williams College

5. College of Holy Cross

6. University of Notre Dame

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

8. Middlebury College 

9. Harvey Mudd College

10. California Institute of Technology

11. Carleton College

12. Colgate University

13. Davidson College

14. University of Virginia

15. Union College