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10 Largest Colleges in the U.S.

campusWhen deciding on a college, college-bound students have a cornucopia of factors to pick and choose from–the programs it offers, the location, the professors, the campus, the sports–there are just so many elements!

One of the most important factors that often gets overlooked, or is just misunderstood like your 8th grade goth self, is school size.  The size of an enrollment class completely changes the culture of a school. Going to a university with 300 people in your freshman class is far different from going to a college with 10,000 people in your class. So if you’re looking for that big school atmosphere, today, we’re giving you a list of the ten universities with the largest undergraduate enrollment:

1. University of Central Florida
Enrollment – 45,398
Fun fact – UCF was founded with the goal to educate current and future students for promising space-age careers in engineering, electronics and other technological professions, thus serving as a support system for the nearby Kennedy Space Center. 3….2…..1…take off!

2. Ohio State University
Enrollment – 41,348
Fun fact – OSU was among the first group of public universities to raise a $1 billion endowment in 1999.

3. Arizona State University
Enrollment – 41, 256
Fun fact –To ensure college access to all Arizona residents, ASU has relatively liberal admission standards. Admission is ensured to Arizona residents in the top 25% of their high-school class with at a weighted secondary GPA of 2.5 GPA, or anyone with 24 credits of community college work with a 2.0 GPA minimum.

4. Rutgers University
Enrollment – 38,902
Fun fact – Rutgers is one of the nine Colonial colleges founded before the American Revolution. “Education is coming; education is coming!” – Paul Revere’s cousin.

5. Texas A&M University
Enrollment – 38,810
Fun fact –Texas A&M’s original mission was to educate males in farming and military technique. Because everybody knows, if you can plant a seed, you can grow an army.

6. Pennsylvania State University
Enrollment – 38,630
Fun fact – The 22,000+ student section at home football games is the largest concentrated student section in the nation…which is either a dream come true or your biggest headache.

7. University of Texas at Austin
Enrollment – 38,168
Fun fact – To show your UT pride, just show the Hook’em Horns hand signal to show you’re a Texas Longhorn. Make sure not to show it off in the wrong neighborhood though.

8. University of South Florida
Enrollment – 36,595
Fun fact – USF is also one of the nation’s top centers for the advancement in research of treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease.

9. Michigan State University
Enrollment – 36,389
Fun fact – East Lansing is pretty much all college town, with 60.2% of the population between the ages of 15 and 24

10. University of Florida
Enrollment – 33,628
Fun fact – Approximately 5,200 undergraduate students (or approximately 15%) are members of either a sorority or fraternity.

What’s your take? Is a big school right for you? Leave a comment!

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The 10 Universities with the Smallest Classes

flagMany college-bound students are familiar with the terms “big school” or “small school”, but the words don’t actually mean anything until they step foot into their first 500-person lecture. Some students are more than happy to learn from the back of a massive lecture hall, quietly taking notes. Others might feel stifled by the mass of people surrounding them.

If you’re a person who learns best with one-on-one support, a lot of attention, and you generally prefer to sit in the front of the class, a college with small classes might be the right fit for you.

U.S. News & World Report recently published the top 10 colleges and universities that offer the greatest percentage of small classes.  Here they are:

1. New School
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 91.4%

2. Golden Gate University
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 83.3%

3. Harvard University
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 80.0%

4. Immaculata University
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 80.0%

5. Nova Southeastern University
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 79.4%

6. Yale University
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 79.0%

7. Columbia University
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 78.8%

8. University of Chicago
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 77.6%

9. SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 76.9%

10. University of La Verne
Percentage of Classes with Fewer Than 20 Students: 76.5%

Do you have an opinion about class sizes? What works best for you?