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Summer Realization…

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Summer is supposed to be relaxing…until you realize how much darn work you have to do to prepare for college applications!

Moral of the story?

Don’t be too surprised when the work sneaks up on you. Rising seniors, start your college application process as soon as you can. Summer will hopefully give you more free time to spend on college essays and to do all the prep you need before another tough year of school starts.

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Consider the costs carefully during a college search

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With record numbers of students filling out college applications, it's little wonder that schools and students alike are keen to commit to decisions as early as possible. However, according to The Washington Post, you should be careful about accepting an early offer, especially if the school's tuition rates haven't been set beforehand.

The news source reports that some schools, including the University of Maryland, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Michigan and the College of William and Mary, provide prospective students with information on this year's tuition, but not for 2013. Although some schools offer four-year projections on how much tuition will cost, these numbers are far from concrete, and may be subject to change.

Due to federal budget cuts, it can be harder to figure out how much tuition could increase at public schools. Some universities may raise their rates more than others, and until state budgets are finalized, there's no way to predict these hikes accurately.

According to an article in The Huffington Post, figuring out the real cost of earning a degree is one of the most important things for you and your family to do before you send off any college applications. Make sure to use the net price calculator on prospective schools' websites before you commit to any decisions.

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Arizona State to open campus in California

Officials at Arizona State University (ASU) have announced plans to develop a campus in the Los Angeles area, reports The Republic.

The primary goal of the new campus would be to enable students to transfer to the new location in order to launch their own technology startup ventures. The new campus will offer classes tailored specifically to student entrepreneurs, as well as provide space for emerging businesses as startups-in-residence.

University officials hope the Santa Monica location will provide students filling out college applications in the hopes of becoming the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg with opportunities associated with the nearby Silicon Valley.

Many schools are beginning to offer students the support, advice and resources they need to launch their own companies. According to the Arbiter Online, the student newspaper of Boise State University in Idaho, the school's recent Entrepreneurship Day was held to provide students with a series of discussions on the realities of launching and running a business.

If you're thinking of filling out college applications with the goal of launching a startup business, make sure to do your research when you're doing a college search. Ask your admissions adviser about resources that could help turn your idea into a reality.

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