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Some seniors feeling the pressure of college applications

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With colleges receiving more college applications than ever before, some seniors are feeling the pressure of submitting the "perfect" application to maximize their chances of being accepted to prestigious universities.

Between visits to college campuses, numerous college admission essays and multiple application forms to fill out, students are finding the process overwhelming. Time management is becoming increasingly important to many seniors.

"Our senior class is one of the most competitive in the school’s history, so I definitely feel an intense pressure to make my college applications as impressive as possible," Sahba Seddighi, a senior at Farragut High School in Tennessee, told the school newspaper.

According to an article in USA Today, talking to your parents and asking them for advice is a great way to reduce the stress of completing a college application. Adults can be much better at managing busy schedules and handling many responsibilities at the same time. Discussing potential stress with your parents can help make the process less intimidating and overwhelming.

More than anything else, don't stress about the pressure itself. Accept that the process is complicated, and approach each stage of the application one step at a time. Manage your schedule effectively, and talk to your parents if the pressure begins to overwhelm you.

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Ask your school or college about financial aid events

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You've managed to find the college for you. You've picked your major, and have filled out a college application. If you find yourself in need of financial aid, this is the next hurdle in the college application process. Sometimes, applying for tuition fee assistance, loans, grants and scholarships can be just as intimidating as a college admission essay.

Some schools aim to make this process easier and more straightforward by hosting events to answer seniors' questions about financial aid and scholarships. One such school that recently organized this kind of event is Lyons Township High School in Western Springs, Illinois. College admissions experts and financial aid advisers were on hand to discuss seniors' concerns, help them complete paperwork and answer questions about eligibility for scholarships.

If you're applying for financial aid or a scholarship as part of your college application, ask your student adviser if there are any events or open days planned to help you. If there aren't, you could always suggest that such an event be organized.

Above all, don't dismiss the possibility that you might be eligible for scholarships or financial aid just because you think your grades may not be good enough – there are more financial aid programs out there than you might think. 

What about college interviews?

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Although they are less common today, college admission interviews were once a very important part of the college application process. Typically, most college don't require an admissions interview due to the large number of applicants, but depending on which schools you're applying to, you may have the opportunity to interview with your prospective college. What can you expect?

A good college admission interview can help your application stand out from the crowd. According to a recent article in Forbes, schools such as Pomona College in California state that applicant interviews are "highly recommended." Some schools may even allow prospective students to interview via the internet using tools such as Skype.

If you're concerned that your SAT scores or GPA aren't quite as good as you had hoped, a good interview can demonstrate that you have what it takes to study at your school of choice. Make sure you research your prospective university thoroughly and that you prepare your answers ahead of time. Consider why you'd be a good fit for the university, and what you can bring to the campus as a student.

If you are offered an interview and can't make it for whatever reason, be sure to inform your school – missing an appointment can have a negative impact on the rest of your college application.

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