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4 Ways to Choose your Freshman Roommate

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If you’re like me, when one stress source closes, another window of stress opens. So, even though you are officially relieved from the anxiety that is begotten from the college search–assuming everyone reading this blog has been admitted to college and has decided where they’ll be heading–don’t get stressed out that you’re going to run out of things to stress out about.  We have another stress factor for you: Your freshman roommate.

The freshman roommate can turn out to be a(n):

A. absolute nightmare
C. just a person you happen to share a tiny room with

Here are 4 ways to go about choosing your future freshman college roommate:

1. Blind
Rooming blind is for the adventurous. For those who yearn for the surprise and peril of the open sea! It’s also for anyone who is kind of apathetic about the whole thing.
Pro: You could be paired with someone who you wouldn’t meet otherwise and who could help expand your college world.
Con: You have no way of knowing what you’ll be getting in to.

2. A friend
Rooming with a friend is a risk, but not for risk-takers.
Pro: You’ll be living with someone you already know! Having a safety net could help you be more outgoing when making new friends.
Con: Moving from friends to college roommates is an underrated shift in the tectonic plates of friendship. You’ll suddenly be around each other 24/7.  You could risk changing the friendship you have.

3. A friend of a friend
The friend of a friend roommate strategy is the perfect smoothie made from the blind roommate situation and friend roommate situation.
Pro: You have a friend in common, so you know a mutual friend thinks you’re both pretty rad and probably won’t steal things.
Con: If you both have a lot of the same mutual friends, your social circle might not expand the way you wanted it to in college.

4. Facebook or social networking site
For the person who wants to control the roommate issue as much as they can without going through friends.
Pro: You can handpick your college roommate by sifting through different options to find the person that you think you’d get along with while dwelling together.
Con: You might not get what you thought you signed up for.

Do you have any advice or thoughts on choosing a freshman college roommate? Leave a comment!

3 Ways to Avoid Biting Off Your Nails while Waiting for Your College Admissions Letter

nailbiterIt’s March, and that means that Spring is on the horizon.  It also means that college admissions officers are making their final decisions, sealing the envelopes and getting them ready to head off to all of the eagerly awaiting applicants any time now.

On the home front, you’re probably going a little crazy inside.  After all, you’ve spent half of your high school career trying to figure out how to get into college, how to score higher on the ACT or SAT, and how to write the perfect college essay.

Your nerves could eat you alive as you refresh your admissions status on your college of choice’s website.  So, instead of biting your nails down so low you can’t even open a can of Coke, take our words of wisdom on how to handle the wait for your college admissions letter .

1. Get a hobby.
Most high schoolers have access to tons of extra curricular activities.  If you’re already involved in something, maybe it’s the musical, the mathletes or lacrosse–whatever it is–pump up your involvement.  Make a goal for yourself to improve in something. Challenge yourself to sustain a note longer, do harder math in your head or run a quicker mile.  That way, your mind will be less focused on your admissions letter and more about how you can achieve what’s actually in your control at that moment.

If you’re not involved with an after school activity, make your own.  There’s one resource most every high school has no matter what and that’s students. Join up with friends who have the same interest as you and form your own club.  As long as you’re involved in something that piques your interest, your nerves will have the chance to relax while you await the college’s decision.

2. Treat yourself.
Treat yourself to something that you don’t usually allow yourself but has proven to relax you.  Perhaps it’s an extra hour of television, a box of chocolates, or a massage.  With the stress of high school and the college search, so many students barely have enough time to just sit down and relax.  Allot some time for yourself to do what eases your mind.  For some people it might be getting in exercise during a time when you usually force yourself to sit at your desk to do homework.  For others, it’s just allowing some time to veg out.  Either way, give yourself a little relaxation during the week if you find yourself freaking out about your college acceptance letter.

3. Plan your spring break.
No matter what you’re doing over spring break, you can focus your nervous energy on planning it out day by day.  If you’re heading to an exotic destination, do some research to find out which tourist attractions most excite you–snorkeling, ropes course or beachside yoga class.  If you’re staying put during spring day, plan out some things you’ve been meaning to do for a while but haven’t had the time–clean out your closet, visit that museum you’ve always wanted to explore.  Wherever you go, planning a detailed schedule for spring break will most definitely give you something fun to do while keeping your mind off of that admissions letter.