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Christmas For College Students: Buying Your Student Gifts [Part II]

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The holidays are all about family, spending quality time together, and of course Christmas! However, this year is a little different. Your college student is returning home for the holiday and you want to make it extra special. But what to get them?

Well, we may have given your college student an unfair advantage last week by telling them what to get you for Christmas but we just couldn’t exclude you. Here is your guide to getting your student the perfect Christmas gifts!

Apple TV

Apple TV

You’re probably thinking: What is an Apple TV? Apple makes a TV now? Well, sort of!

An Apple TV is a digital media player that supplies you with digital content like music, television shows, trailers, and movies straight from the iTunes store. It will also grant your college student access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, ESPN, and many more applications for them to view on their television. They will even be able to stream content like photos and YouTube videos from their smart phone straight onto the Apple TV.

It’s all done with one small appliance and a sleek silver remote. The kicker? It’s only $99. Don’t waste your hard earned coins on premium cable, this little guy houses all the entertainment your college student will need.

Netflix & Hulu+ Subscriptions

Netflix & Hulu

Living in a dormitory or in an apartment with roommates usually means that your student’s primary source of entertainment is on their computer. Purchasing a subscription for Netflix or Hulu Plus provides a great way for  your student to be able to relax and stream their favorite television shows and movies from their phones, laptops, tablets, Apple TV, etc in their spare time.

Both are just $7.99 a month – however, they often run specials on a subscription for 12 months with a one time fee.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Target, Walmart, Amazon, Visa Debit Card, Gas Cards, etc. Your college student can purchase pretty much every last thing they want from these one of these stores or with one of these gift cards. If you’re in a bind for time or a clue, this is a wonderful Christmas gift alternative or addition. Trust us, they won’t be disappointed to spend money on whatever they want all from the comfort and convenience of their computer.

Digital Camera

Digital Cameras

Believe it or not, these four years will fly by – I know, it seems like forever. Sure, your student has a smart phone with a camera, but a digital camera captures moments a lot crisper. They may not know it now, but they’ll treasure these days when they’re all over – help your college student freeze those memories.

Are you not sure how to purchase a digital camera? Check this article out for some advice!

Business Cards & Holder

Business Cards & Holder

While in college, your student will have many opportunities to attend multiple career fairs, internship workshops, and networking parties. One of the most essential items outside of a well crafted resume at these events is a personalized business card displaying their contact information. This will allow your student to appear professional, well prepared, and above all – hirable. Because that’s the end goal, right?  So get your college student ahead of the pack this Christmas by designing their first business card and purchasing a professional holder.

Visit to view some of their business card templates or customize your own! Free shipping too.

Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set

Whether your college student lives in the dorm or in an apartment with roommates, you can never go wrong with supplying them with the kitchen essentials. Maybe this will also encourage your student to learn how to cook and ease off the Ramen noodles.

Walmart has an awesome 84-piece Kitchen Combo set for only $39.99!

iPad, Kindle, or Tablet


Although a bit on the pricey side, these portable devices are a great study aid for your college student to trek to class, to read and rent textbooks, and to travel home to see you with (instead of lugging their laptop along). All of these portable tablets all have different built-in functionalities, purposes, and applications – make sure you do some research to get the best match for your student!

Workout Apparel


Worried your student isn’t getting enough exercise? Have you heard some horror stories about the “Freshman 15” from other parents? Whether or not your student is into being well and staying fit, reminding them that it’s vital to their overall physical and mental health is the least you can do. Almost every retail store carries workout apparel but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, head to a Sports Authority, Footlocker, or Nike and have the sales associates pick out the hip gear for your college student.