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Christmas For College Students: Buying Your Parents Gifts [Part I]

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Christmas Shopping

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it comes down to dollars and cents. Unless of course you’re really crafty then you should consider making something yourself! You’re in college and you probably have been so wrapped up in finals that you didn’t realized that you don’t have a large sum of money set aside for holiday shopping. But you still want to get your parents a little something. As you should! So even though you are a little short on money, there are plenty of items you can still purchase or events you can plan for your parents for Christmas.  Here are a few ideas:

1. Framed Photos

Parents love this kind of stuff – memories and bragging about their “beautiful, handsome, smart, talented, awesome” son or daughter to their co-workers and friends. Find your favorite photo on Facebook, scour through your personal photo album, or dig into your parents’ memory chest (but be sure to make a copy – parents want to keep the original, trust us). You could even take a photo somewhere on your college’s campus! Head to print it at a Target, Walgreens, or CVS.  These one-stop-shops usually have a wide selection of frames and gift bags for you to place the gift in!

2. Date Night


Date Night

Your parents are busy individuals – between work, hobbies, and taking care of you and your siblings – they probably don’t get to enjoy each other’s company too often. So why not plan them a date night? Perhaps dinner and a movie?

Everybody has a favorite restaurant, especially your parents who don’t get to frequent it often. So do them a solid and head down there – purchase a gift certificate, and make them a reservation for their date*.

Next, go to your local movie theatre and grab a pair of tickets. Wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club also sell movie passes that are extremely inexpensive!

*Bonus points if you can act as their chauffeur for the evening!*

3. Newspaper or Magazine Subscription

While you may read everything on your laptop, kindle, or iPad your parents probably still prefer the hard copy.


Do they like to read the morning paper? Get them a year subscription to the local newspaper. Is your mom into fitness? There are dozens of magazines that are dedicated to just that. Does your dad enjoy traveling? You see where we’re going with this. There are tons of discounted subscription services online – just google search it!

4. College Merchandise


If you’re in a bind with time, head to your campus bookstore: University inspired pens, mugs, sweaters, hats, water bottles, key chains – your parents will love every single item in there as long as it says, “My son goes to…” or “My daughter is a student at…” Hey, they’re proud of you! I mean you are pretty awesome.

5. For Mom: Manicure & Pedicure


When you come home for winter break, all your mom wants to do is hang out with you one on one. So you might as well squeeze in a little pampering session while you’re at it! Head to your local nail salon or your mom’s favorite nail shop and grab a gift certificate for a spa service or two. Throw it in a Christmas card and BOOM – happy mom.

6. For Dad: Sports Apparel


Is your dad a football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or fan? Perfect. Every sports team has their own gear – pick him up a hat, a jacket, or a t-shirt that represents his favorite team. If you can swing it, try to pick up a pair of tickets for you and him to attend together.


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