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The Scholarship Marathon: Tips to Help You Prepare Your Scholarship Applications

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As The Scholarship Marathon draws nearer, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you prep your scholarship applications before the big event. These great tips will give you the momentum you need for a running start. Remember, the Marathon is a free online event and runs all day on Saturday, March 22nd from 9am-9pm CST. If you haven’t registered yet, get started online at this link!

Update Your Cappex Profile 
After registering for the Scholarship Marathon, make sure to update or complete your Cappex profile. Cappex features unique scholarship matching capabilities and you’ll want to dedicate 15-20 minutes to completing your student profile accurately because we use this information to provide you with scholarship matches that are your best fits. Have important academic information on hand, such as your GPA and SAT/ACT scores, and make a list of all the extracurricular and volunteer activities you are and have been involved in.

Organize & Build your Scholarship List 
Review your Scholarship List to determine which scholarships you will apply for during the marathon. You have the option to give each scholarship a status, such as “Will Apply,” or “Applied.” Use the Effort and Competition ratings to help you prioritize your matches and application process. Most likely, you’ll have a better chance of winning scholarships that have lower competition ratings. You can also get an early start on any scholarships that require more effort than usual. To expand your scholarships beyond your initial list of matches, click “Get More Matches Now” at the bottom of the page to indicate any options that you or your family members are affiliated including with organizations, employers, religions, ethnic heritages, disabilities, sports, and other qualifications.

Prepare your Essays
After you’ve starting building the list of scholarships you plan to apply for, go through each one to determine the amount of essays or personal statements you’ll need to write. Read through the scholarship application directions and essay prompts carefully and begin drafting outlines for each essay. For extra advice, check out our resource page on how to make your scholarship application stand out. On the day of the marathon we’ll have essay writing experts on hand to assist you with any questions you may have.

Ask for Letters of Recommendation and Nominations
For many scholarship applications, you might need to request letters of recommendation. It’s important that you choose someone who knows you well enough to provide positive examples of your academic performance, work ethic, and character. You may want to consider asking teachers or extracurricular leaders who are familiar with your abilities, such as your coach, guidance counselor, college advisor, community service leader, or boss. Once you’ve generated a list of adults you’d like to ask, reach out as early as possible. If they agree to write a letter for you, be sure to tell them the scholarship deadline and also make sure they understand how and where the letter needs to be delivered. After submitting your scholarship applications, don’t forget to express your gratitude by writing a thank-you note to each person who recommended you.

Check back on the College Insider next week – we’ll be publishing scholarship lists for high school and college students leading up to the Scholarship Marathon on March 22nd! 

The 2014 Scholarship Marathon: Hosted By Cappex & College Greenlight

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We know the scholarship search is priority #1 for the majority of college-bound students. Whether you’ve been churning through scholarship applications all season, are running behind on your search, or don’t know where to begin, the Cappex + College Greenlight Scholarship Marathon is the resource you need. Last year’s inaugural Scholarship Marathon hosted by College Greenlight was wildly succesful and this time around Cappex is joining in as a co-host for the 2014 event on Saturday, March 22nd from 9:00am to 9:00pm. 

What is The Scholarship Marathon? 

The Scholarship Marathon is a free online event that runs all day at Anytime from  9am to 9pm CST, students can join us online to apply to scholarships, view presentations from scholaship experts, and win prizes. Last year, a number of College Greenlight Scholarship Marathon participants were rewarded for applying to an incredible amount of scholarships. The students efforts impressed both the Greenlight and Cappex team. 

How is The Scholarship Marathon different from applying for scholarships on your own?

During the Scholarship Marathon, students have access to one-on-one help from the Cappex team as well as free webinars from scholarship experts. The team will be on hand all day to answer scholarship application questions. The insider scholarship tips and advice will help you finalize your scholarship applications to put you on track to win money for college.

If you still aren’t convinced to register now, did we mention the bonuses? Hourly raffles and giveaways. Cappex will also award a $1,000 scholarship to the student who best represents the spirit behind the Scholarship Marathon. 

How to Participate

Simply register for the Scholarship Marathon online at this link! You’ll want to make sure to complete your Cappex profile to get matched to scholarships. On the day of the Marathon, you’ll log on to Cappex and click the Scholarship Marathon banner to join us online to upload proof of your completed scholarship applications, enter raffles and giveaways, ask scholarship application questions, and view free webinars from scholarship experts!

Click here to attend the 2014 Scholarship Marathon, hosted by Cappex & College Greenlight!

5 Ways to Prepare for an Online College Fair


Now that you’ve learned all about the CappexConnect Online College Fair and the various benefits of attending an online college fair in general, you may have made the decision that it’s the perfect way for you to narrow your college options. So once you’ve registered, what’s next?  The following tips will help you prepare in advance and make the most of your online college fair experience.

1. Know What’s Important To You

Give thought to what you want out of college. Which aspects are important to you? Having an idea of qualities you’re looking for in a college will help you assess its fit and choose the most helpful presentations to attend. To help guide your thoughts, think about the following:

  • What major do I want to study?
  • Do I want to attend a large, medium, or small school?
  • Do I want to attend an urban or rural school?
  • Do I want to participate in athletics, clubs, fraternities or sororities, study abroad, or other special programs?
  • What types of financial aid options are available at this college?

2. Preliminary Research

The best way to learn about a few colleges attending the online fair is to check out information online beforehand. Utilizing’s college search and matching features, you can look at College Profiles and add each one you’re interested in to your College List, where you can write and edit notes.

3. Prepare Questions

Tips 1 and 2 will lead you to formulate thoughtful questions for college representatives. As you think about what you want as a perspective undergraduate, make sure your questions address categories such as academics, job placement, college costs and financial aid, and campus life. CappexConnect’s online chats allow you to engage with college representatives and other prospective students without pressure, so ask away!

4. Remember Your Audience

Engaging with college representatives through online chats is a casual, convenient way to get your questions answered. Just remember that while they eagerly await great questions, avoid using abbreviations or slang. Whether through email or in person you may come in contact with these reps later on, so make a good impression with your words. Also be prepared to take notes in a notebook, tablet, or other mobile device and write down each college reps’ name.

5. Keep An Open Mind

As we emphasized last week, participation in an online college fair has many benefits including no travel restrictions! It’s a great opportunity  to explore colleges in different cities, states, and even countries. Beyond colleges you’ve researched, plan to visit presentations from colleges that weren’t previously on your radar. You may wind up learning about an amazing program perfect for your academic and career goals.

It’s not too late to sign up – click here to register for one of the Spring CappexConnect Online College Fairs!

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