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Friday College Town Hall

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wamcIllustrationIconIn Friday College Town Hall, we post a question about college, and you leave an answer in comment field.

Today’s question:

The average distance students go away for college is about 94 miles. How far or close to home do you think is the right distance?

Have a thought or an answer? Leave a reply below.

We’ve also asked our @Cappex Twitter followers to chime in! Here’s what people are saying on Twitter:

@AshleySchmidtke You can never go to far. Go to the school that is the right fit and it will not matter the distance. Home away from home!

@AndreaDior Not far enough RT @cappex: Is 94 miles from home too close or too far? Reply to this tweet, and we’ll post your response on the blog!

@SarahFaithJ9 @cappex I think its just about right. It gives you freedom, but yet you’re still kind of close to home if you need anything:)

@_iShotdaSheriff @cappex thats pretty good mileage if you ask me! Not too close, but close enough to make it home for emergencies

@Andreais40nfab @cappex too close. For college? U need to be a minimum of 200 miles away

@steph_eff318 @cappex well college for me isn’t that far from home. It takes about an hour and a half by car and even less than that by train 😀

@jotamjota @cappex I don’t think distance matters. Its what YOU make of college and how involved, how active, and how engaged you become on campus.