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5 Reasons to Take a College Course Online

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As online courses and degree programs gain in popularity, you might find yourself faced with the option of choosing to take a class in the standard lecture format, or taking the class online. They both provide the same amount of credits. They’re both equivalent in workload. They both cost the same in tuition dollars. So which do you choose? If you have never taken a class online, you might want to consider it by checking out these 5 benefits to online courses:

More Flexibility

One of the best benefits to taking a college course online is that for the most part, you are not scheduled to be at a particular place at a particular time. If you are taking the maximum number of credits, are involved in groups on campus, and have a job, an online course can be the best thing for you. You study when you can, and complete assignments when you can, taking some of the stress off of your already crammed schedule.

Equal Amount of Help

Just because a course is online doesn’t mean you won’t be able to access the professor when you’re stuck. You will find that online courses provide many mechanisms that allow you to get extra help when you need it, just as if you had spoken up in a lecture.

Your Own Environment

When you can take a class yourself, you control your environment. You might be the type of person who learns best when it’s quiet and you can focus, in which case, a  crowded lecture hall may not always be the best place. You could prefer to learn in a relaxed environment, wearing sweat pants eating a banana muffin, in which case, a strict classroom will not be your ideal setting. With online courses, you get to decide what works best.

Less Judgment

There’s something about communicating over a computer screen that makes it far less stressful and intimidating than communicating face to face. With online classes, you can ask your “dumb questions” without feeling like the smart kids are rolling their eyes or the professor is holding back a laugh. Online courses could allow you to offer your input more frequently and more honestly without embarrassment.

Less Drama

We’ve all been to a class where there’s a couple in the middle of the room, angrily whispering to each other about their own private matters. There’s the girl who always strolls in fifteen minutes late with a coffee and a bagel because breakfast is more important than getting to class on time. You will experience days where you are dying to tell the guys behind you to be quiet because instead of hearing what your professor has to say, you’re listening to how hot the girl is in the first row. Sometimes the people in your classes will be down right annoying! In an online setting, you won’t be subjected to any of that nonsense!