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6 Things to Do This Summer (FUN ONLY!)

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Freshman year of college? Complete! Summer fun? No problem! You’ve just spent an entire year away from home working hard. It’s time to relax without completely draining your brain of all the knowledge you gained in school. Here are things you can do this summer to make the most of your time, while still having fun.

Save Money

If you spend the summer at home, you’ll save a ton of money on rent, food and other day-to-day expenses. Use your local library for free summer reading! Walking and biking are free, healthy alternatives to driving. Do what you can, little by little, to save your pennies!

Road Trip

Traveling is such an excellent way to spend your summer. New experiences are stimulating and fun, even if it is just a road trip to the next state over. Go somewhere new and document your time there, what you learn, and who you meet. Driving with friends is also a cheap(er) alternative to flying. You’ve probably made some new friends in school who would be happy to see you mid-July before school starts again in the fall.

Read for Fun

Read those books you wanted to read during the school year but never had time to because of school work! Read an easy summer book or get a magazine subscription to a new publication. Again, the library can be your best friend when it comes to free reading.

Find a Festival

Summer is the season for art, music and antique festivals across the country. The Ann Arbor Art Fair in Michigan in July has been called the number one art fair by AmericanStyle Magazine. Chicago hosts Lollapalooza, a music festival that hosts more than fifty acts over three days in August. Search for festivals in your area that peak your interest!

Learn a New Skill

Your down time this summer can be put to good use if you learn a new (and fun!!) skill. Pick up a cookbook and challenge yourself to master Italian cuisine. While you’re at it, try learning Italian itself! Knowing a second language will definitely come in handy in your future.

Get Physical

I know schoolwork can keep you from being active during the school year, so summer is a great time to reintroduce yourself to the gym. A lot of cities also have co-ed intramural sports teams like beach volleyball or softball. Joining up will keep you active and you may meet new, interesting people!

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