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5 College Scholarships for Non-Traditional Students

Back to schoolThere are a ton of people out there who want to continue their higher education after the traditional time frame of 4-5 years following high school graduation has passed.  For these diligent back-to-schoolers, finding non-traditional scholarships can be a difficult task.

So, we decided to sift through our scholarship database to find some easy-to-apply-to scholarships for non-traditional students.

1. Healthy Respect Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
This $1,000 scholarship wants you to answer how being a non-traditional student has influenced your life in 500 words or less. 500 words for $1,000? That’s a good investment.

2. BG Scholarship
This $400 scholarship is awarded every month.  It’s a super easy scholarship that shouldn’t take more than an hour of your time–so apply today for the April deadline!

3. “First Kiss” Scholarship
Whether it’s a very special moment in your memory or one of the more embarrassing moments, retrace that occasion in 250 words for a college scholarship.

4. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship
This easy-to-apply-to-scholarship will award $1,000 for a student to help fulfill their dream of a college education.

5. Eileen Welch Memorial Nursing Scholarship
If you’re going back to school to become a nurse, this $1,000 scholarship is for you.