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Apps can help you prepare for college admissions exams

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For many students, the SAT and ACT college admissions exams can be daunting. Although there are other things that universities look at as part of their admissions factors, a good score can make your college application stand out. If you have a smartphone, there are a number of applications that can help you prepare for the tests to give yourself the best possible chance of earning a high score.

Most apps that are available focus on specific parts of the exams. For example, you might feel confident in your math skills but could use some help with the vocabulary sections. The SAT Remix application, which is also available for some regular cellphones, offers users vocabulary lessons set to music. The software could help you brush up on your word skills, and features more than 300 of the most commonly missed words on the SAT.

Another useful app for improving your vocabulary is ACT Vocab Prep. This application sends you two words often featured on the ACT every day, complete with the Greek roots of the words and how to use them in sentences. Prefixes and suffixes are also featured, as well as a weekly word review to help you go over what you learned during the week.

For students who need a little help with their math skills, the SAT Math application from Adapster is a must-have. As well as providing a series of math problems for you to solve, it adapts to your learning style. For example, if you're great with fractions but not so good at angles, the app remembers questions you get wrong and bases future questions around your level of ability. The software also explains the reasoning and methods behind correct answers, helping you grasp how to solve similar problems on paper.

Michael DeRosa's 411 Prep: SAT Math app is another useful tool to add to your studying repertoire. Designed personally by DeRosa, an SAT tutor, this app features more than 500 math-based flashcard problems, their solutions and principles to solve them, and up to 2,600 different answer combinations.

There are literally hundreds of apps available to help you take the SAT and ACT with confidence. Before downloading any of them, check their pricing – some are free of charge and others are free for a limited time before a subscription or monthly fee is required.

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Illinois ACT reforms could require seniors to take exam twice

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As part of reforms to the college application process in Illinois, some seniors may be required to take the ACT exam twice in order to meet college admissions standards, reports the Huffington Post.

State officials decided to remove the written part of the ACT exam last summer in order to save $2.4 million per year. However, some colleges may require students filling out college applications to submit a written composition, which could mean that some seniors in Illinois might have to take the exam twice. Some colleges, such as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, have amended their admissions factors to accommodate students.

"We believe [the written part of the ACT] may be an obstacle for some students, so [we] are no longer requiring the test," said Robin Kaler, a spokesperson for the university, as quoted by the news source.

According to the Chicago Tribune, only two of the 11 states currently administering the ACT to 11th-grade students – Michigan and North Carolina – require a mandatory written test.

If you're unsure of your prospective school's admissions factors, check with your adviser before submitting a college application.

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Tips for transfer students

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In today's challenging economy, finishing your degree is more important than ever. However, for some students, their initial choice of college may not be working out quite the way they thought it would. What do you do if you like your degree program, but want to earn your qualification somewhere else? A recent article in the Huffington Post by Rebecca Joseph, an associate professor at California State University, outlined some tips for students who are thinking of transferring to another school.

If you want to transfer to a different college, the first thing that Joseph recommends is looking at schools that had previously accepted your college applications when you first applied. Although some schools may require you to resubmit another application, some won't. Think about contacting these schools as your first step.

Although there's not much you can do to change them after the fact, your senior-year grades are really important. The better your senior GPA, the better your chances are to successfully transfer to another institution. Likewise, your freshman grades should be as good as they possibly can be. If you're unhappy at your present college, strong freshman-year grades could place you in a much better position if you want to transfer.

It may be useful to keep a calendar of the various deadlines at the schools you're thinking of transferring to. Depending on the college, application deadlines for transfer students can vary substantially, and keeping a visual record of when to submit your applications by can help make the process seem more manageable. Just as early applicants can stand a better chance of successful admission in your senior year, the same is true of many transfer applicants. The sooner you apply, the better your chances could be.

Although transferring can be demanding when you're trying to focus on your studies, planning and hard work are just as important as they were when you were filling out your original college applications.

"After I listen [to students who want to transfer], I begin to talk to them about the need to have short- and long-term goals," Joseph wrote. "I remind them that, unfortunately, transferring during and after freshmen year means that they must be doing the best they have ever done academically and be involved on and off campus."

According to, careful planning is also vital for calculating how many credits you can successfully transfer to a new school. Although you may qualify to transfer many of your existing credits to a new college, some schools may have different admissions factors for the major you want to study. Contact your prospective schools with plenty of notice to find out exactly how many credits you are eligible to transfer, and which classes you'll have to take in order to qualify.

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