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New Report on Minority Students and AP Programs for College Credit

AP ExamAdvanced Placement exams give college-bound high school students a leg up in their undergraduate careers, allowing these college students the opportunity to pass out of intro classes and start working toward their college major from the get-go–granted they score the necessary 3, 4 or 5 that are required for college credit.

A new report written about in The New York Times higher education blog The Choice illustrates that more minority high school students are making the grade on AP exams, but still remained underrepresented overall in the nation’s AP classroom.

More than 853,000 public high school seniors in last May’s graduating class, or 28 percent of the class, took at least one A.P. exam. Some 59 percent of those who took the tests earned a grade of 3, 4 or 5, which are required for college credit.

Trevor Packer, vice president of the Advanced Placement program, said that while the report shows that more students across the country enroll each year in classes to prepare them for the exams, there are some signs that improvement is not consistent among some groups and in some subject areas.Over the past decade, the number of minority students graduating with a successful A.P. experience has more than doubled, according to the report.

“A focus on access and equity is resulting in greater percentages of students going into college with A.P. scores that qualify and result in higher college performance,’’ he said.”

But the gap between how those students performed, compared to nonminority students, is still great in most states in the country.

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15 Most Wired College and University Campuses

s-MOST-WIRED-CAMPUSES-large300When searching for your perfect college does the question of how much access to computers there is on campus ever cross your mind?  Considering how much student work is done with computers, it might be a good idea to know how readily available computers are on your college campus.

U.S. News writes about the 15 most wired college and university campuses and how many computers there are on campus per college student:

U.S. News surveyed more than 1,700 undergraduate programs last year, and 1,280 schools reported data on both their total student body (combined graduate and undergraduate population) and the number of computers available to students on campus. Of those schools, the average number of computers per student on campus is .14. That means, on average, there are roughly seven students per computer on college campuses nationwide.

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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your College Roommate Happy and Make Your University Experience All the Better

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Probably the last thing on your mind while you’re searching for and applying to colleges is who your roommate will eventually be.  But, the reality is that after the admissions process,  in most situations, you’ll have to live with a stranger your freshman year in a college dorm room.

Whether you wind up becoming best friends with your roommate or cordial acquaintances, here is some advice from on how to maintain a good relationship with your college roommate:

Do have roommate nights. Grab a bowl of popcorn, sit on the couch, or your extra long twin bed, and put in a chick-flick. My roommates and I always have Gossip Girl Mondays. Having these nights keeps your bond strong; it’s an easy way to break away from some of the stress of school, especially when it’s midterm week and you don’t say a word to your roommate because you’re cramming for your Chemistry test.

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