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3 Valentine’s Day Ideas a Student Can Afford

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valentines-day-candyHappy Valentine’s Day! Here are some Cappex words of wisdom on how to woo your Valentine on a serious student budget.

3 Valentine Ideas for College or High School Students on a Budget:

1. Snail Mail – Not even college admissions use the ole’ U.S. Postal Service anymore.  Everything is digital, even college acceptance letters! But, receiving a sweet letter in the mail that is not a bill is definitely a treat.  So make your own card, buy a stamp, write your heart out to your Valentine, and you’ll only be out 44 cents!

2. Cook a Dinner at Home – You don’t have to go out to enjoy a decadent Valentine’s dinner with your Valentine. If you’re a college or high school student on a budget, you don’t need to impress your Valentine with a fancy French dinner, just cook up something at home! Not only will you save moolah, but you will impress your Valentine with your new found culinary skills. *Hint* Easy recipes are as simple to find on the Internet as scholarships are using!

3. Picture You Two Together – If you want to present your Valentine with a nicely wrapped gift but still stay on your college or high school student budget, a picture frame is the way to go.  You can find affordable picture frames at tons of places.  Plus, the most personal part of the gift is the picture you place inside.  It’s an affordable gift that has meaning to it, and it’s definitely better than your other affordable and personlized option: the illustrious mix-tape.

So happy Valentine’s Day! And if none of the above options work for you, why not find some scholarships to save your Valentine money on college?  That’s probably the best Valentine they’ll ever get!

College Application Rates 2011: Which Schools Saw A Decline?

College applicationWe heard before that with the economy the way it is, more and more people have been on the college search train and that application rates have actually seen a staggering increase at colleges and universities across the country.  But, the The Huffington Post informs that some schools have seen the opposite.  What do you think this means for admissions?  Do you think applying to a school with a lower application rate will help with you get in? Or applying to a college with an increased application rate will make it harder for you?

Here are the colleges that saw a decline in applications for the 2015 class:

  • Tulane University: -13.65%
  • SUNY Stoney Brook: -11.91%
  • Grinnell College: -7.61%
  • Wesleyan University: -6.07%
  • Elon University: -6.06%
  • Lafayette College: -3.16%
  • Rutgers University: -2.29%
  • University of Maryland College Park: -1.69%
  • Colgate University: -1.37%

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5 Things Every College-Bound Senior Needs to Do Before Spring Break Ends

With some quality time off of school, make sure you take advantage of this low-stress period to accomplish some big priorities, like, COLLEGE.

Here are 5 things every college-bound senior needs to do before Spring Break ends:

1. Visit Your Schools in Question: If you’re unsure about which college or university is the right match for you, you might to avoid simply flipping a coin. “Heads? Okay, State it is!”  Make an informed decision, not a random one.  If the schools in question are in close proximity to you, take a mini trip during Spring Break to remind yourself why you liked them in the first place, or even, why one school might actually be a better fit.

2. Contact Current College Students: By Spring Break your senior year, you’ve probably done considerable college research already.  But since the deadline to making a decision is approaching, finding out about nitty gritty stuff might help your decision-making. Send an email or a Facebook message to a friend, or a friend of a friend, or person you had gym class with junior year who’s already enrolled and attending a school you’re interested in. Ask questions about the social life, how much homework they have, where they like to hang out on campus.  For many, college is a passion and they’d be more than willing to chat with you about it.Scholarships

3. Find Scholarships!!!!: A break from a school gives you the perfect opportunity to dig up as many scholarships as you can.  If you’ve already received your financial aid award letter, you’ll know how much more of your tuition you’ll have to cover.  Finding scholarships is a great way to cover a big portion, if not all, of your tuition.  There are easy-to apply-to-scholarships out there, especially on, so get going!

4. Talk with Your Family or Guidance Counselor: Flesh out your college or university options with people who are looking out for your best interest and education.  Go over your choices, the different tuitions, locations, and find out what your biggest advocates think about your college choices.  Since higher education is such a big and important decision, and a costly one, listening to input from people who want to see you succeed can help you make the right choice.

5. Avoid Going Crazy Waiting for an Acceptance Letter:  The final word of wisdom we hope to instill in you is to avoid mental breakdowns over an acceptance letter.  Many acceptance letters arrive over Spring Break, so try to avoid biting your nails off or freaking out your friends with your anxiety.  Getting into a school or not will not make or break you.  No matter where you land, you are in charge of making your college career what it is. So relax ,and enjoy your Spring Break.