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2011’s College Commencement Speakers

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mortarWould you ever choose a college based on its graduating class’s commencement speaker? Probably not.  But, it’s still super fun to see who’s speaking where.

The Huffington Post recently published a list of big-name commencement speakers at different schools.  Here’s the list:

1. Michelle Obama: University of Northern Iowa, Spelman College and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

2. Denzel Washington: University of Pennsylvania

3. Elie Wiesel: Washington University of Saint Louis

4. Tom Hanks: Yale University

5. Aron Ralston: Carnegie Mellon

6. Bill Clinton: New York University

7. Stephen Colbert: Northwestern University

8. President Barack Obama: Coast Guard University and Miami Dade College

9. Tony Kushner: Muhlenberg College

10. Amy Poehler: Harvard University

You can read more here!

Who would you want to see speak at your graduation? Comment!