Spotlight on America’s Top Scholarships: Best Buy Scholarship Program

Best Buy Scholarship Program

Offered by: Best Buy

About the Organization

Best Buy is North America’s number-one retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software, and appliances.

In 1999, Best Buy started the Best Buy Scholarship Program with the Best Buy Children’s Foundation. Their mission is to pro­vide access to oppor­tu­ni­ties that will help teens do their best in school, become active members of their com­mu­ni­ties, and develop leadership skills to excel at their goals.

Fun Fact: In 2004, Forbes magazine named Best Buy the company of the year.

Scholarship Background

Since its inception, Best Buy has now provided over $20.7 million in scholarship funds to help 16,545 students go to college. The program initially only allowed high school seniors to apply.  In 2009, it expanded to include grades 9-11. Nearly 165,000 students registered for this year’s program. Scholarships offer 1,200 students an award of $1,000 towards a year of college tuition.

Who Qualifies

This scholarship is for students living in the United States and Puerto Rico in grades 9-12. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university for the upcoming fall.

Application Components/ How to Apply

Follow directions on the online application. The application will ask you to list academic achievements, volunteer efforts, and work experience along with your basic information.

Annual Application Window

The program opens in late December and closes mid-February.

Tips on How to Win

The Best Buy Scholarship Program is looking for students that are committed to making a difference in their communities through community service and students that are developing leadership skills through work experience. To prepare a competitive application for this scholarship, it is important that you have valuable work experience or long standing volunteer experience. Either of these experiences will make you stand out in the applicant pool and will reflect the programs values. Make sure to highlight what you learned from either of these experiences, such as specific skills that you believe will help you while you are in college.

This scholarship is also looking for students with high academic achievement. Although there isn’t a minimum GPA listed to qualify, having a good GPA will only help your chances of winning. Keep your GPA solid and you’ll only be helping your chances of succeeding. If you’ve won any awards pertaining to your academic skills you’ll want to list those too, which will further demonstrate your accomplishments.