Unexpected College Expenses

College tuition is obviously a huge expense, but there are smaller price tags that will pop up once you get to school that may come as a surprise. As a new student, prepare yourself for the following expenses.


While you probably have signed up for a meal plan, chances are it will not cover all of your meals for the week. When you are not in the dining hall, be prepared to pay for food at restaurants (plus tip!) and grocery stores.


One cup of coffee per day from a local coffee shop will add up! It might benefit you to purchase a small coffee maker for your dorm (make sure your dorm allows small appliances); if you drink coffee every day, this thing will pay for itself quickly.

Apartment/Dorm Accoutrements

Remember all those books you bought for class? You’ll need somewhere to put them. Bookshelves, storage bins, a trash can, and more are necessary for your living space. If you move off campus to your own apartment, you may need to buy other things, such as silverware and furniture.


Quarters will become your best friends when it comes to laundry day. Washing machines and dryers require that you pay in quarters per load; prices vary, but you’ll spend a few dollars each time you do your laundry.


If you plan on having a car at school, you’re probably no stranger to gas prices. However, in addition to gas, you’ll most likely need to purchase a permit or pass for your vehicle.

Greek Life

Fraternities and sororities will ask for member dues if you end up pledging and joining. If you live in the house, you’ll need to pay for meal plans and your room. While Greek life is totally optional, keep these fees in mind when deciding if its right for you.

So, college is pricey. The good news? There are ways to save!

Student ID

As a student, you are eligible for discounted movie tickets and entrance fees to a lot of venues. Always have your student ID with you, just in case.

Free Campus Perks

Since you are a student attending a university, you have access to your school’s library – this means free books and movies! You can check these out instead of buying new DVDs or novels. Just make sure you return them on time to avoid overdue fees!


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Do YOU have any tips for new college students on hidden expenses or tips on saving money?


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