Students from ethnic groups benefit from technology scholarships

In an effort to make college education more accessible to students from ethnic groups, 12 Hispanic and Latino students were recently awarded scholarship funding through President Barack Obama's Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), according to Fox News.

The HSF was made possible by financial backing from the Nobel Prize Committee. More than $125,000 was donated to the HSF by the Obama Administration, following funding of $1.4 million granted to the government by the Nobel Prize Committee in 2009. The educational funding is one way that the Obama Administration is demonstrating its commitment to advancing science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, educational programs.

"This year's class of Obama Scholars join last year's group of 12 students who are now getting ready to fulfill their pledge to give back to the community," Frank Alvarez, president of the HSF, said in a statement as quoted by the news outlet.

Adriana Ruiz, a civil engineering major at Arizona State University who received one of the scholarships, told the State Press that she had expressed a desire to help address the shortage of STEM teachers as part of her college admissions essay. 

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