Some schools removing financial barriers for students

Usually, tuition for postsecondary degrees increases at least slightly every year in order for schools to keep pace with inflation. This can sometimes make things difficult for students who are considering filling out college applications. However, some universities are committed to providing young people with the chance to advance their education, and will not increase their tuition rates to make a college education more accessible.

One such college is MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) in Olathe, Kansas, according to the Gardner Edge. Officials at the school have voiced their concerns that some students who want to pursue a degree at the university would not be able to were their tuition rates to increase. To enable as many students as possible to earn their degree at the school, MNU has committed to freezing the rates of tuition for its undergraduate degree programs for the next academic year.

Many colleges are offering similar tuition freezes to encourage more students to earn a postsecondary degree. According to information from the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, 12 colleges across the U.S. were maintaining this year's rates for 2012. These universities included Catawba University in North Carolina, and The Sage Colleges in New York. Other schools were operating similar programs, including public university tuition matching initiatives, four-year graduation guarantees and special scholarships.

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