Scholarships can ease the strain of paying for college

Although applying for financial aid can be one of the most intimidating aspects of the college application process, if you're thinking of pursuing a degree at an institution of higher education, it could pay off to investigate the scholarships that might be available.

Depending on the school, the type of degree you are pursuing and your background, there are more financial assistance and scholarships available than you may think. Many people dismiss scholarships as something only for those who have stunning GPAs or amazing athletic abilities, when the reality is that many universities offer financial aid to students from a variety of backgrounds.

Your first step should be to discuss your plans with a college admissions adviser. Not only will they be able to offer you valuable information about the college application process, they can also tell you about some of the scholarships the university offers, as well as who to speak to about applying for them.

College admissions professionals often work closely with financial aid departments, and they realize that this aspect of completing a college application can often be the most daunting. Applying for scholarships doesn't take very long, and even if you are denied, it won't affect your credit score or have any long-term financial consequences. 

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