Jay-Z to perform scholarship benefit concerts at Carnegie Hall

Influential rapper Jay-Z is scheduled to perform two concerts at New York City's Carnegie Hall to benefit higher education scholarships, reports The New York Times.

The concerts will be held on February 6-7, and mark the first appearance of the successful performer at the prestigious venue. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, has operated a foundation with his mother to provide scholarships to students from low-income families for the past nine years.

"There [were] a ton of blue-collar jobs that no longer exist, and the gap is wider than ever, and the kids need to really know that and be prepared," Carter said in an interview, as quoted by the news source. "To really succeed in this new America they are going to need an education. Not everyone can be entertainers and hit the lottery."

Revenue from the concerts will also be used to support United Way, a nonprofit organization that works to help students from economically challenged backgrounds successfully graduate high schools in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods.

According to the Shawn Carter Foundation's website, the initiative has provided more than $1.1 million dollars in scholarships to around 750 students since the program's inception in 2002. Recipients of the scholarships are currently studying at more than 100 universities and colleges across the U.S. 


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