How to Get a Scholarship: Choosing and Applying

[Note: This is part two of a three part series on How to Get a Scholarship. To read part one, visit Research and Planning.]

How to Get a Scholarship: Choosing and Applying


Scholarships are excellent tools for helping students pay for their education. Students can be rewarded with a scholarship for everything from their academic performance to their artistic ability. However, with all of the options available today, it is not always obvious which scholarships to choose or how to submit an application. The good news? Cappex is here to help you find the right scholarship opportunities for you.


  • It’s important to research many different scholarships. You probably will not find a perfect fit on your first try, nor find one scholarship that can cover everything.
  • Consider your financial need. If to this point, you are completely without any funding for school, choose a scholarship that gives you as much monetary help as possible. You may be able to find one that offers funding each year, instead of all at once.
  • Consider your time frame. If the deadline is one week away, make sure you have enough time to complete the application and do a good job. If you don’t think you can, check to see if the scholarship is offered every year. You might be able to apply the next year, giving yourself more preparation time.
  • Consider whom the scholarship targets. Choose only those scholarships that actually pertain to you. If you’re considering a scholarship for student musicians, do not try to fake a musical interest or talent. Choose one with criteria you meet – if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. It’s out there!
  • Consider your competition. If this is a national scholarship, you know you’ll have to stand out among thousands of other students. If this is a private business or a local organization offering funding to a specific group, you may have a greater chance of earning that scholarship money.
  • Consider the source. Make sure the organization offering the scholarship is legitimate and follows through. If it looks questionable, try to contact someone who can give you real answers and send you physical information on how you will receive funding. Make sure you know how to avoid scholarship scams.
  • Bottom line? If you find a scholarship opportunity that immediately excites you, do it! Anything that gets you pumped up about education is a good thing. Trust your instincts.


  • It may sound silly, but be sure to fill out the application completely! If you are lacking a component or have incorrect information listed, you run a great risk of being tossed out before even being considered.
  • Don’t complete the application in one sitting, especially for those scholarships that ask for an essay. Create drafts, edit your work, and have someone else you trust look over your application and give you feedback.
  • To make the application process easier, keep a master list of all of your credentials and accomplishments. Use this as a reference when applying to each scholarship!
  • Be thorough and use concrete examples in your essay. Generalizing will not help you stand out!

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