How to Find Non-Need Based Scholarships

If your family already has the money to pay for your college, then you’re all set! If your family doesn’t have any money to pay for college, then you’ll qualify for financial aid, and then you’ll be all set!

But what about when your parents have the money to pay for college but aren’t willing to, or can’t? There are many college students who find themselves in a very difficult position when it comes to paying for their college education: they’re not getting any help from financial aid and they’re not getting any help from their families. Not knowing where they’ll get the money to pay for school, or if they even can, is a tremendously stressful feeling.

A non-need scholarship may be an answer to those of us who find themselves stuck in the middle. A non-need scholarship is money given to students for reasons that have nothing to do with their financial situation. Instead, they require that you submit an application, provide details about who you are and what you plan to do, and sometimes write an essay.

The following is a list of places to look and people to talk to regarding non-need based scholarships.

Where to look:

Cappex: By signing up for your free account with Cappex and creating a detailed profile for yourself, you can search for, as well as be matched with, scholarships where you’ll benefit the most from applying. Visit to find out more information on the many scholarships Cappex can put you in touch with.

Media: Check your newspapers and watch for commercials. Look for advertisements, flyers, and billboards. Information on scholarships is everywhere.

Online: Do a simple web search for non-need based scholarships.

Bookstores: There are books you can buy that list the different scholarships you can apply for and how to do so.

Who to talk to:

Teachers and Counselors: Educators receive lots of information on scholarships and would likely assist you in the application process as well.

Organization Leaders: If you’re a member of a church or club, such as scouts, your organization leader may have information on scholarships available for those groups.

Parents and Relatives: Ask everyone you know to keep an eye out for scholarships you could apply to. The more eyes involved in looking, the better your chances are of coming up with a few places to submit an application.

Best of all, find your matches on!


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