Hardship College Scholarship Official Announcement


Cappex Will Reward Achievement in the Face of Adversity with $2,000 College Scholarship

HIGHLAND PARK, IL, Aug. 22, 2007­ – High school students who achieved success in spite of great difficulty may now apply for The Cappex Hardship College Scholarship.

The $2,000 award focuses not on GPA or test scores, but on a student’s determination to overcome life’s hurdles.

“Most scholarships are only focused on the end result of a student’s high school career, but the Hardship Scholarship looks at the journey,” said Mike Moyer, president of Cappex.com, LLC. “We’re looking for someone who turned adversity into opportunity.”

Moyer encourages students to talk to colleges about hard times they faced. “Colleges love students that overcome adversity,” he said.

To qualify, students need only share their story by filling out the Cappex profile. Students with a 2.0 GPA or better can qualify and apply until Jan. 31, 2008.

Students may also apply for any of the other 26 college scholarships offered by Cappex. In addition to being eligible for the scholarships, Cappex students will also hear about colleges seeking students just like them.

The Cappex profile is free and simple. It includes information on academics, accomplishments in areas like sports and music, what students want to study in college, and what kind of school they might like to attend. Cappex students are matched with interested colleges based on their needs and wants.

“Cappex turns the tables on the college search process. We put students in control, and make sure they capitalize on their college opportunities,” Moyer said.

About Cappex.com, LLC

Cappex.com is a free service that helps connect students with colleges and universities. Students can visit the Web site and see which colleges want them before they apply. For the latest information from Cappex, visit www.cappex.com/blog.

  1. Esa says:

    when will you announce the people for the winning scholarships!!

  2. Trevor says:

    The deadline to apply for the Hardship Scholarship isn’t until Jan. 31. We’ll announce the winner sometime in February. Soon though, we will announce the first winners of the Cappex Travel Tour Scholarship. We will have two winners each month, and we’ll announce who wins as the deadlines pass. Check back here for the latest updates.

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