Follow These Twitter Handles For Your Scholarship Search!

We know you already follow @cappex (and if you don’t you should!) on Twitter. But did you know that there are lots of other handles that can help answer college scholarship questions and give you some more advice? We’ve rounded up a few that will help you earn that free money you deserve.

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This resource is helpful for deciphering the mystery that is financial aid. On this official account of Federal Student Aid, you’ll find advice to answer all sorts of college questions and information on all things related to student aid.

2. @CollegeBoard
College Board is the group that publishes your SAT test, and on Twitter, they also offer all sorts of articles and reminders about trends in education, deadlines for tests and applications, and how to navigate the standardized testing experience.

3. @volunTEENnation
This youth-led national non-profit provides a great resource for students looking to get more involved in their communities and also announces community service-oriented scholarships.

4. @DebtFreeScholar
Not only does this blogger offer plenty of tips on school life and scholarship applications, his main mission is to provide students with advice on how to escape college with as little debt as possible.

5. @USNewsEducation
From choosing the right school to finding a job after college, US News tweets helpful articles about various topics that every student pursuing higher education can relate to, including how to increase your chances of getting into college and preparing for college workloads.


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