College Travel Scholarship Winner

The weekends are getting warmer and sunnier and ripe for a roadtrip to visit some college campuses. Why not let your next college visit be covered by Cappex? We’re giving away another Cappex College Tour Scholarship this month, so make sure you apply.

We are pleased to announce that Christina H. from Ventura, Calif., is the winner of the College Tour Scholarship for March. She will receive $500 to help her visit prospective colleges. Christina loves the arts, and we love that she gets out in her community to share her passion. If you’ve got a talent, don’t just use it in high school. Get out and influence your world!

Congrats Christina! Don’t forget: April 30 is the deadline for the next College Travel Scholarship. Apply today!

  1. Tevan says:

    Congratulations! Thats awsome haha im from ventura too i miss that little town! go christina hahaha id ont know who you are but maybe we meet in the 6th grade r sumthing if u went to balboa middle skool. Way to go lets hope theres still mo money for the rest of us :]

  2. jaquata Fisher says:

    Hi, I have a question about the previous scholarships that I have applied for .

    I would like to know when will I know that I have been slected for the schalarships.

  3. marcus says:

    i missed the dead line for a collage vist will there be more this summer or not

  4. Angela says:

    jaquata Fisher, “Scholarship winners will be announced within two weeks of the scholarship application deadlines,” according to Cappex’s site. Hope that helps.

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