College applicants from various ethnic groups may be eligible for scholarships

Pursuing a college degree can be expensive. After applying for student loans, scholarships can go a long way towards easing the pressure of paying for school. Many colleges and universities offer special financial assistance programs, such as scholarships for women. Depending on their ethnic group, seniors who are filling out their college applications may be eligible for scholarships for Hispanics, scholarships for African Americans and other financial aid initiatives to enable them to attend college.

Many specialist organizations can offer advice about applying for scholarships. The Jackie Robinson Foundation, Thurgood Marshall Foundation and Urban League Scholarships all offer help and assistance to students from various ethnic groups to apply for additional grants and funding. Some students who are eligible for these kinds of scholarships are not aware that they can receive extra help with paying for college.

If you belong to one of these ethnic groups, the first thing you should do is discuss your plans with your college admissions adviser, or high school college application official. Applying for scholarships and financial aid can be complicated, but depending on your gender, ethnicity, your choice of school and the type of degree you want to pursue, you may be eligible for these sources of financing.

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