Cappex Trick or Tweet Scholarship Winner Announced

Samantha P.We’re happy to announce our “Trick or Tweet” Scholarship winner Samantha P., a high school junior, peer mentor, and French tutor from Plymouth, Mass.

Her winning tweet really captured the essence of Cappex and had a great Halloween spin.

@cappexcom=my favorite site, it is filled with delight,never fright. Without it I would be up all night, worrying about college til’ light!

“I am so excited and thankful to have been chosen,” Samantha said.

Nice work, Samantha! For those who did not win this time, don’t despair. We’ll be anouncing some new scholarships soon!

We received more than 3,500 tweets, and judging was tough. We’d like to recognize these honorable mentions:

@cappexcom Thank cappex for making my college search a whole lot sweeter and a lot less scary! tay_armstrong

Working on scholarship and college stuff.. But luckily @cappexcom is making it all so SIMPLE!! Trick or Treat? I’ll take the treat: Cappex! glenbeebe

The most beautiful site for college searching goes to @cappexcom. They really put their thinking “caps” on. aimee_laplant

@cappexcom i aspire 2 go 2 college,2help cure the world,2know what destiny really means & so i thank cappex 4 helping me 2 achieve my dreams reyreyrichy

candy corn is sweet as can be,i <3 that @cappexcom can help me.there are no tricks its only treating,this website is the one to TRY beating! itssmeeeeee

@cappexcom OMG I’m gonna be able to get to college with Cappex. It’s so helpful and fast. Move over collegeboard, Cappex is coming. dudeman6879

@cappexcom college can be such a fright, cappex helps to make it right, we never know whats ahead, but cappex proves it’s not to dread! loveispowerxoxo

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  1. Erica says:

    well, while it’s nice I saw WAY better from others. Funny ones, well written ones, ones with character… Congrats to her I guess. I’m gonna go drop out of college now since nobody will give me a scholarship.

  2. Guy W Kipp says:

    Well I am not going to drop out of college I am going to fill out more scholarships and keep on tring to get them. It is like anything else if you don’t try you get a chance to recieve one.

  3. Rachel says:

    Erica, please don’t whine here. I’m sure Samantha needs the money just as much as you. Don’t be a sore loser, you’re not the only one who has ever wanted, applied, and lost a scholarship. Grow up.

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