Announces New 2011 Scholarships for Innovators and Volunteers

Two $5,000 scholarships recognize high school students who lead with their hearts and minds.

Chicago, IL – February 1, 2011–, a comprehensive college search and scholarship portal, is proud to announce the ‘’High School Innovator of the Year’’ and ‘’Lead With Your Heart’’ Scholarships, each worth $5,000.

Innovator of the Year

The scholarships recognize students who have put significant work into their passions and have made strides in advancing the greater good.

The  ‘High School Innovator of the Year’’ Scholarship is for high school students who have invented something noteworthy or improved a process that affects their fellow students, city, or town during their high school careers.

“We know that innovation is not just driven by businesses. It’s driven by people,” said Chris Long, president of Cappex. “This scholarship recognizes the next generation of innovators.”

Lead with your Heart

The ‘’Lead With Your Heart’’ Scholarship is for students who have dedicated their time to working for the greater good.

“This award is about selfless service that has made a big impact on your community or beyond,” said Long. “If you are dedicated to volunteering, this is your opportunity to be recognized for it.”

Students can apply to the scholarships during 2011 at

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