Cappex Announces Three More Scholarship Winners! is proud to announce our scholarship winners for July 2010. Congratulations!!!

Philip S. I Found My College Scholarship – Scholarship Winner:
Philip S. of Brinklow, Md., embarks on his college journey this fall with an intended major in Business Administration and Management. Philip’s inherent business know-how and diligence have already shown him the strides he is capable of making. An entrepreneur at heart, Philip began a successful neighborhood landscaping business at the age of 11. He has since volunteered countless hours at his local fire station and achieved certifications in CPR, EMT, Fireman1 and Fireman2. After 4 years, Philip has earned over five hundred volunteer service hours while still managing his studies and being an active member of Future Business Leaders of America Club. Watch out, this entrepreneur will own your favorite baseball team some day.
Danique S Cutting Edge Careers Scholarship – Summer– Summer I Scholarship Winner:
Danique S., from Lake Worth, Fla., is an honor roll student who has brought her academic motivation and integrity to college after graduating high school in 2009. Danique is a talented student who is studying Health and Clinical Sciences. Danique has proven her leadership and compassion as she led her high school class of 2009 as vice president, volunteered at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the Yvonne Learning Center. Danique’s profound interest in medicine will lead her to an exciting and of course, cutting edge career.
Giao T “A GPA Isn’t Everything” Scholarship – Summer I Scholarship Winner:
Giao T., from Garden Grove, Calif., has proven that GPA is certainly NOT everything, especially when compared to a person’s commitment to creating a better world. As president of both the Wilderness Adventures Club and Pennies for Peace, Giao has shown us her dedication to environmental preservation and helping those in need. Currently, she is training to become a Sierra Club/ICO leader to teach youth about the outdoors and will complete her provisional trip in the upcoming year. Giao is well-versed in juggling many things. From sports such as cheerleading, badminton and mountaineering to artistic hobbies like photography and woodworking, Giao will continue her multitasking In the fall of 2011.

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