Butterfly Effect Scholarship Winner: Aryn M. Gorham, Maine

Recent scholarship winner, Aryn M. from Gorham, Maine sure knows a thing or two about researching and applying for scholarships. After all, she’s taking home $2,500 as the recipient of the Cappex Butterfly Effect Scholarship in order to help her pursue her higher ed dreams.

So, we asked her some questions about herself and her college and scholarship search experience

What is your secret to finding and applying for scholarships?

My only strategy is to apply for any and every scholarship I am eligible for. You may not win everything you apply for, but I think the practice of filling out multiple applications helps you stay organized and streamlines the application process as you apply for more in the future. Scholarship directories like the amazing Cappex.com make it really easy to sort out which scholarships you are actually eligible for.

Why are you going to college?

Receiving a great education has always been a priority of mine. For me, college is a stepping stone to a brighter future. It’s important for securing a good paying job and mastering a subject area. But more than that, college provides great opportunities for networking, socializing, and learning to be independent. I look forward to learning not only from textbooks and professors, but from classmates, late night study sessions, and the unforseen challenges that go along with being an undergraduate student.

What was a “Butterfly Effect” moment in your college search- a point where something small led to something much bigger in the future?

Honestly, my butterfly effect moment was the instant I signed up for Cappex. I found the site using a search engine when I was a sophomore in high school, and thought it would be helpful for keeping me organized during the college search/admissions process. The site has introduced me to exciting scholarship opportunities and new college campuses that I would have never known about. Just the process of sorting out my schools, finding scholarships, and planning my visits put me far ahead of my classmates. I became so excited about the search process, I began searching schools and finding scholarships for my friends. Also, having a Cappex account made the application process so much easier- my activities were already organized and I knew exactly where I wanted to apply when it came time. Knowing that thousands of students utilize Cappex as a resource, I never expected to win a scholarship, yet here I am, a true Cappex butterfly.

If you could offer a younger student one piece of advice for the college search, what would you say?

Don’t be intimidated! There is so much stress surrounding the modern college search and students all over the country are ripping their hair out trying to find the “perfect school” and hoping that they’ll get in. The college search process should be fun. After all, colleges want you just as much as you want them. A college would be nothing without its students! This is your chance to pick the way you want to study for the next two or four years and you should freely exercise that right. You can’t let the fear of low SAT scores, a “bad” essay, or a low GPA keep you from receiving the education you’ve always wanted. There is a school and program for every kind of student with any sort of interest.

You can discover more scholarships from Cappex and beyond. Simply visit Cappex.com. And thanks again to Aryn for sharing her college and scholarship tips!

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