A Small Thank You to Students Who Applied for the $1 Butterfly Effect Scholarship

Cappex launched our $1 Butterfly Effect Scholarship in October. It was (and is still open to apply for!) one of the most unique programs we’ve ever done.

Students basically apply for one dollar. Yep. One dollar. But the students understand that it’s not about the monetary value of the scholarship, it’s about the symbolic value-the butterfly effect of it all. The one dollar serves as jumping off point for the rest of their college search and scholarship journey. Applying for the dollar is a small action that could lead to a big future. And once they applied for their dollar, they’re eligible for the $2,500. See? One small little thing can turn into something much bigger.

But there’s also the twist that students could choose to donate their dollar instead of receive it.

We wanted to acknowledge the big hearts of those students and present the first 100 folks who donated their dollar with this:


Thanks to all who have participated in the butterfly effect!

And remember, you can still apply! Deadline’s December 31st.

Original Post Date: December 14th, 2011

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