5 Cappex Scholarships to Apply for Before January 1st!!!!

For high schoolers or college co-eds, time is generally clocked by school years. After all, that’s the measurement that dictates your summers and your long school days and basically how you spend every waking hour of your childhood to early adulthood.

So we might have to remind you that the actual calendar year of 2011 is coming to a close. We are approaching 2012, and if the Mayan prophecies are wrong, you may just be able to reap the benefits of these 5 scholarships with deadlines of December 31.

For the most part, these are simple scholarships to apply for, and the deadline is approaching. So apply to them today!

1. High School Innovator of the Year

How much: $5,000

What for: We’re looking for outstanding innovations and the students responsible for them. Have you invented something noteworthy or improved a process that affects your fellow students, city, or town during your high school career? Tell us about it and become eligible for this scholarship.

Why it’s awesome: This is a great opportunity to share with us something that you’re incredibly proud of, and something that you worked your butt off for. Get rewarded for your creativity.

2. Lead With Your Heart Scholarship 

How much: $5,000

What for: This scholarship is for students who have dedicated their high school careers to working for the greater good. This award is about selfless service that has made a big impact on your school, city, town or beyond. Tell us about it and become eligible for this scholarship.

Why it’s awesome: Get rewarded for being a good person. We know you didn’t do your piece of goodness so you could get paid in dollah billz, but now that you’ve already done that altruistic action, here’s some karma coming your way.

3. The Butterfly Effect Scholarship

How much: $2,500

What for: For the best explanation, watch this

[youtube width=”450″ height=”259″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM37lhi4E3I[/youtube]

Why it’s awesome: This a truly unique scholarship that you can win simply by taking the first steps toward your big college future and inspiring your friends to do it along with you.

4. I Don’t Want to Pay for College Scholarship

How much: $1,000

What for: Cappex wants to give students a break. Tuition is crazzzzy expensive. Who does actually want to pay for college?

Why it’s awesome: This scholarship is super chill because all you need to do is apply, have some good grades, and hopefully some leadership and activities.

5. Cappex Promoter Scholarship

How much: $1,000

What for: For telling your friends who need help with their college search about Cappex.

Why it’s awesome: Some folks will tell you that there’s no such thing as a “free lunch.” But some things come pretty close.

Will you be applying? Hurry! The deadline for these babies is December 31.

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