10 Techy Ways to Cut College Costs

Save money in collegeYou know it, they know it, we all know it, college is expensive. On top of your huge tuition bill, you have to pay for books, food and a place to sleep at night–unless you prefer curling up in a library cubicle, which might involve the campus police and then things might get complicated.

So, here’s some techy savvy advice on ways to cut the costs of college from iGeneration’s Zach Whittaker:

Invest in a smartphone with a good data plan so not only your social life can fall into one device, but also hardware features too, like a decent camera and a music player.

E-books are often cheaper than their paper equivalent Don’t forget second hand books on Amazon are also a way to find extremely cheap books at a fraction of the price.

Download large content on campus where bandwidth restrictions are usually non-existent. It’s very easy to bust that monthly download limit at home, especially with fellow students sharing your house.

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi when you can to alleviate the ‘pressure’ on your data plan. But if you are using someones free wireless network in a cafe or coffee house, get a brew out of politeness.

Television on the web might be cheaper than you think. Even catching up on on-demand services instead of paying for the TV licence in the UK would already save out $200.

And to save on money before you get to college or when you’re already enrolled in college, make sure to find scholarships to help you with college tuition!

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