How to Land the Perfect College Job

Whether you need extra cash to pay for tuition, living costs, or just the occasional night out with friends, having a job while in college is a necessity for many students. Luckily, most colleges and college towns have plenty of part-time employment opportunities. Try these leads to get your job search started.

Apply for Work-Study:
One of the first opportunities you’ll have to find a college job is the Federal Work-Study program (FWS), which gives funding to colleges so that they can offer part-time jobs to eligible students. To find out if you qualify for FWS, you’ll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Most work-study positions are on-campus jobs such as tour guides or cafeteria or dormitory workers, but you might also be assigned to a community service role.

Look for On-Campus Openings:
Your dorm, the campus bookstore, the student fitness center all typically employee students for no-experience-required, part-time positions. Since these jobs are located on campus, they’re convenient to get to and you may even be able to squeeze in a shift between classes. Ask about openings when you visit these facilities, or check for a posting of part-time positions at the student union.

Indulge Your Hobbies and Interests:
A part-time job might be a great way to earn money while you also enjoy one of your personal interests. Love theatre and music? Work as an usher at your college’s performing arts center so you can get paid and take in shows and concerts for free. Sports fanatic? Check into positions at the football stadium or basketball arena so that you can enjoy all the action on game day.

Scout Local Stores and Restaurants:
Retail and food-service positions are tried-and-true part-time jobs, and in a college town local businesses often rely on students to fill openings. The added bonus for broke and hungry college students? Many such jobs offer employee discounts on clothing or food. Visit shops and restaurants near campus and talk to the manager about available positions.

Visit the Campus Career Center:
Think you don’t need to visit the career center until you’re looking for a ‘real’ job for after graduation? Think again. The career center might be able to point you toward a paid, part-time internship with a local business. This can be a great way to get real-world experience related to your major, or explore a field you’re interested in pursuing.

Get Friendly With Your Departmental Advisor and Professors:
Another route to finding a position related to your area of study is to talk to your departmental advisor and professors. They may have relationships with local businesses that hire students during the semester as part-time interns, or know about opportunities within their own department.

Keep in mind that with many college students vying for part-time work, competition can be keen even for low-level, low-paying jobs. But with a little legwork, you’re sure to find a job that not only pays the bills, but might also give you valuable work experience you can put on your resume.

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