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education1Cappex is proud to be Your College Decision Headquarters™. Choosing your major is not only a big part of finding your dream college, but it’s also a choice that can define your career and even the rest of your life.

If you’re interested in becoming an education major, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) has some valuable information for you! Check out the NCTQ’s Teacher Prep Review. The Review has the comprehensive information you need to pick the education program that will provide you with the training to make you a confident and effective teacher from day one. NCTQ looks at what matters most in teacher preparation: whether candidates master the subjects they will teach, whether candidates get trained in using specific pedagogical skills, such as teaching kids how to read, and whether they get a high-quality student teaching experience with an effective mentor teacher.

Published in partnership with U.S. News & World Report, the Teacher Prep Review looks at elementary, secondary, and special education programs at 1,127 colleges and universities around the country. Look through the country’s Top Ranked elementary and secondary programs. Find the right program in your state or even closer to home. The Review is your guide to the best of teacher prep.

No matter what major you decide to pursue, Cappex has the tools to help you find your perfect fit college. Check out our Colleges and Majors section to explore your major options and find out what colleges offer the majors you’re interested in.

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Original Post Date: October 15th, 2014

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4 Quick Test Prep Tips for Taking the SAT and ACT


While there are a fair number of colleges that don’t require test scores from their applicants, there are still a large number of colleges that do. If the schools you’re planning on applying to are not on that list of test-optional schools, then your ACT and/or SAT test scores are going to play a factor in whether or not you’ll be admitted.

Bottom line: regardless of what area of study you’re pursuing and what test you’re taking, your test scores have a huge impact on your educational future. Here are a few quick test prep tips to help you get the best scores you can.

1. Find your score.

Want to get an idea of just how much preparation you need to do? Kaplan Test Prep offers a super helpful tool that predicts what your SAT or ACT score will be for free in as little as 30 minutes! Predict your SAT score by clicking here, and predict your ACT score by clicking here.

2. Get help!

You don’t have to prepare for this big test all by yourself! There are many test prep resources available to help you get ready and feel confident. BenchPrep is a highly rated online resource that can help you prepare for your big test through the use of study guides, flashcards, quizzes, reports, tests, and more. BenchPrep users have increased their scores by an average of 15%! Cappex has partnered with Groupon to bring you a great deal: $19 for 12 months of access to one test prep course from BenchPrep (a $200 value). BenchPrep’s app is free for all registered BenchPrep users, so you’ll have access to your test prep resources wherever you go. Click here to get this offer today!

3. Be ready.

The night before the test, it’s important to get a full night’s sleep so you can stay alert and focused. Be sure to eat a substantial, healthful meal before the test so your brain and body have the energy necessary to tackle it. You wouldn’t want your grumbling stomach to distract yourself and your fellow test-takers.

4. Retake it.

For both SAT and ACT, you often have the option of taking the test more than once. If you take a test more than once, you can choose which set of scores are sent to your school. Each time you retake a test, you give yourself a higher chance of getting your best score possible. For example, 57% of students from the 2013 graduating class who took the ACT more than once increased their composite score on the retest. Keep this in mind when going into the test for the first time; knowing you’ll have more than just one chance to knock it out of the park will help ease the pressure and stress a bit, allowing you to do better this time around.

Tell us your best test prep tip in the comments below, and best of luck on your big test!

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Original Post Date: October 13th, 2014

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Which U.S. Colleges are Ranked as the Safest?

safetyCappiesLogoCampus safety is a hard topic to discuss. No one likes to even imagine that he or she may be a target for crime. But that’s why it is so important. The college experience is exciting, but it does mean you’ll be on your own. A lot. You’ll be out late at night, whether it’s studying, going to a party, or just coming home from a movie or concert. You’ll be home alone in either a dorm or apartment.

There will be choices for you to make in order to go through the school year without incident. Schools are always there to help, with valuable tips, resources and on-campus services.

Take it from those who have been there – there are definitely tricks of the trade when it comes to campus safety. Some are just common sense, such as securing your bicycle properly, going with a buddy when walking from one place to another, or locking all your doors at night. But other tips, while not as obvious, can make all the difference in the world.

Are some schools safer than others? It’s a factor in picking the school that’s right for you. We believe the release of our brand new 2015 Cappies™ category: “Safest Colleges,” will be of high interest to students and parents alike.

The Cappies™ have taken millions of reviews and safety ratings from nearly 2,000 U.S. colleges. Many of the schools on our list provide services for students such as late night transportation services, escorts to walk people to and from destinations on campus, real-time crime reports and 24-hour emergency telephones.

Other recognized schools are trying out more innovative safety measures with great success. One school in particular offers a customized version of the “Circle Of 6” mobile phone app. If you download the app, you can pick six friends or resources as part of your circle. Students who ever find themselves in an unsafe situation can text any of those resources or friends with just a couple of clicks.

Go through the list and find out which school offerings may fit you the best.

Campus Safety is the second category covered by the Cappies™. We previously covered Best College Food, and going forward we will provide student rankings for the following categories: Hardest Colleges, Best Value Colleges, Best Colleges for Activities, and Best College Dorms. Stay tuned for further announcements there.

Original Post Date: October 7th, 2014

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