You Can Still Register for the SAT!

college-board-sat-scoresThe next SAT exam date is March 12, and there’s still time to register! Late registration ends February 25.  If you’re thinking about applying to a college, taking the SAT is a great way to prepare if the schools you’re applying to require you to take it.

If you have an idea about which colleges you’re going to apply to, do some research to see what you need to apply to that college.  What average SAT score do you need?  Does your college of choice require either the SAT or the ACT?  Does your college not require a standardized test at all?  If you do need to take the SAT or ACT, taking an SAT or ACT prep class might help you score higher.  SAT or ACT practice could help you take that extra step

You can find all of the information about what college admissions need from you to apply at  Just search the college by name you’re interested in and read about their admissions.

Register for the SAT>>

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