Which colleges are actually lowering their tuition?

Although many schools are raising their tuition rates, some colleges are trying to make higher education more affordable by lowering their fees. According to the Huffington Post, several universities recently announced that they will reduce the cost of their degree programs.

Cabrini College in Pennsylvania pledged to reduce tuition to $29,000 per year, and also promised to keep fees below $30,000 until 2015. Lincoln College in Illinois also said it would lower tuition for its degree programs. The Herald-Review reports that fees at the university will be reduced by 24 percent this year, falling from $23,000 per year to $17,000.

The University of Charleston in West Virginia also reduced tuition fees significantly. CNN Money reports that officials at the college lowered the cost of earning a degree by 22 percent to a little more than $19,000 per year. Peace College in North Carolina has also reduced its tuition fees this year. Students filling out college applications to Peace will now pay 7.73 percent less, according to the News-Observer, making tuition $23,700 per year.

College affordability has been a major part of President Barack Obama's education reforms. According to The Boston Globe, the president recently said that the government would reduce the amount of funding colleges receive if they keep raising their tuition.


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