Virginia college redesigns viewbook to appeal to today’s students

In an attempt to appeal to today's young people, the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, has redesigned its traditional viewbook to be more modern, according to The Washington Post.

Dramatically different from the typical brochures sent out by many colleges to prospective students, William & Mary's Ampersandbox is a thin cardboard box containing 15 glossy postcards, each depicting an aspect of life at the campus. The cards feature combinations of words such as "Down and Dirty," promoting the university's sporting clubs, and "Home and Away," which highlights the sense of community at the school.

The campaign shows how some universities are trying to update their image to be more relevant to today's students. Individuals interested in William & Mary can go online and create their own word and image combinations using an online tool, providing students with another way to interact with the school.

Design departments at many colleges aim to make their viewbooks as attractive as possible in order to attract students. According to officials at Michigan State University, promotional materials for the college recently won top honors in the  2012 Council for Advancement and Support of Education District VIII awards program for its viewbook.

Although promotional literature like this can be fun, don't choose a school based solely on how slick their marketing materials are. When you're doing a college search, find a school that offers the degree you want, regardless of how impressive or cool their viewbook is.


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