Three-year degrees becoming increasingly common in some states

In an attempt to capitalize on students' desire to reduce the cost of their education and enter the workforce sooner, many colleges are now offering three-year degree programs, according to The Washington Post. However, interest in the new programs has been lukewarm.

Lake Forest College in Illinois, the University of North Carolina and Ball State University in Indiana are all offering students the chance to enroll in three-year accelerated degree programs. Although interest in the new programs has been moderate, some experts say that the new program will enable students to achieve their academic goals sooner than through traditional four-year route, as well as reduce the cost of earning a degree.

"You spend less, you get through more quickly and you get into the workforce," Jim Petro, Ohio Board of Regents chancellor, told "The longer it takes to get a degree, the less likely students are to finish. Time is the enemy."

Students who are evaluating their college decisions may want to consider an accelerated program. The news source reports that students who earn some college credit ahead of time through Advanced Placement classes will be more likely to succeed.

Caroline Miller, associate provost for enrollment management at the University of Cincinnati, said that students who think and act proactively about using their summers productively could benefit from the accelerated programs. 


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