The benefits of social media in the classroom

In today's information age, most students have multiple online identities on social networking platforms. According to a recent article in CampusTechnology, using websites like Facebook and Twitter can be a real benefit to students.

One benefit of using social media in classrooms is that many freshmen are already comfortable using sites like Facebook. Faculty can use this to make lessons more engaging. This approach to teaching can also improve students' communication skills by increasing the amount of interaction between students and lecturers.

Social media can also make education more convenient and accessible. Students can contact faculty through email, tweets or even Facebook posts with questions or problems.

Web-savvy students can also use their knowledge of social networking to help them find a job. Sites like LinkedIn are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to find work, and students who can use these sites could stand a better chance of finding job opportunities.

According to Mashable, more than one in three students use Facebook for academic purposes. Around 20 percent of individuals who use social media in their academic life said they felt more connected to their school, and were twice as likely to become involved in campus-based activities.

However, although a smartphone may be on your "what to bring to college" checklist, make sure that using Facebook doesn't interfere with your studies.


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