Texas university system introduces new productivity tracking measures

Officials at the University of Texas System recently announced the launch of a "productivity dashboard" to provide students, staff and regulatory bodies with a more transparent way of assessing how the schools are performing, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The new online system is the result of a unanimous decision by the schools' Board of Regents to provide more detailed information on how the university system is performing. Raising the graduation rate of the schools is another primary objective of the online tools. The productivity dashboard is part of a wider plan to increase transparency about things like admissions factors, graduation rates and learning outcomes.

Public interest and education advocacy groups welcomed the news. The Texas Public Policy Foundation released a statement calling the plan "an important and welcome recognition that Texas students and parents can no longer afford business as usual from our state's higher education institutions."

Other colleges in Texas have also taken steps towards improving graduation rates. According to the Bryan-College Station Eagle, Texas A&M University recently entered into a partnership with software developer Academic Analytics to implement software that tracks the productivity of faculty members in order to improve the quality of education provided by the college.

If you're evaluating your college decisions, tools like these might help you see how well a school is performing. Make sure to do plenty of research into the graduation rates of an institution before filling out a college application. 

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