Tablet Use Increasing in High School Classrooms

A US News and World Report published last week stated that tablet devices are increasing in popularity in high schools, overtaking laptops and computers as the most common technology used in the classroom.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was surprised by the increased rate of use, telling investors, “Education tends to be a conservative institution, but we’re not seeing that at all on the iPad. The adoption of the iPad in education is something I’ve never seen in any technology.”

iBooks is a new technology that is competing with printed textbooks in the college classroom. With tablet use on the rise in high school classrooms, students will be well-equipped to conform to the new iBook technology when they pursue higher education.

Michael Singleton, head of social studies at Florida’s Orlando Science Schools, believes that tablets have caused increased motivation in the classroom. In this day and age, students respond well to technological advantages when preparing to leave for college. “I would say an iPad will one day be the same as a book bag or a ruler or a pencil. I think that the iPad will be an essential component to schools, it’s certainly something we can’t ignore as a school—we need to embrace it,” Singleton said.

Schools are also using tablets as an incentive for strong performance in the classroom. Students will be issued the devices for use in school and at home, a privilege that will only remain should the student maintain a specified GPA. Educational experts believe the use of tablets will transfer some learning responsibility from the teacher to the student.

Amidst the growth, there are still those who do not think that the technology is suitable for the classroom. Tablets are harder to type on than laptops, and provide more options for students to get distracted, like playing games, while teachers are trying to teach. Proponents of the technology believe that students and teachers will adjust to these problems.

Joel Klein, an education professional, explained in a press release, “It is our aim to amplify the power of digital innovation to transform teaching and learning and to help schools deliver fundamentally better experiences and results.”

With technology taking over every facet of life in modern society, it’s only a matter of time before students are required to bring tablets to school, where teachers will utilize the numerous features in their lesson plans.


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