Super Bowl puts spotlight on University of Indianapolis

As football fans across the nation gear up for Sunday's clash between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, the University of Indianapolis has found itself at the center of attention, reports NBC News.

The university is home to the practice ground for the Giants, and students at the school have been hoping to get a peek at the players as they prepare for Super Bowl XLVI. Officials at the school say the focus could raise the university's profile and encourage students to fill out college applications to study there.

"For students, this kind of thing is what helps identify universities," Beverly Pitts, president of the college, told the news source. "It's how they know the names of universities. It may not be how they make that final decision, but, for students to know that U Indy is here, it was a neat enough place for the Giants to practice, means maybe [they'll] take a look."

The university will also donate the artificial turf of the practice area to a local high school after Sunday's competition, a gift worth more than $1 million.

According to The Washington Post, Sunday's game is expected to bring a host of celebrities to the city, including Alec Baldwin, Lenny Kravitz, Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon.


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