Students at Tennessee university get early heads-up on grades

If you thought waiting to hear back after sending out college applications was nerve-wracking, wait until you have to wait for your grades. Now, thanks to the technical skills of the school's provost, students at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee can get a better idea of their grades before they even take their classes, reports Inside Higher Ed.

Tristan Denley developed Degree Compass using the same technology that websites like Netflix and Amazon use to suggest recommendations to users. By analyzing a student's academic record, the system is able to predict how well an individual is likely to perform in specific subjects. In addition to predicting academic performance, Degree Compass can also help students filling out college applications pick a major.

Denley told The Chronicle of Higher Education he hopes the system will help freshmen explore subjects they may not have thought about.

"I don't think the major thrust will be to push people to classes that are sort of easy A's," Denley told the news source. "I hope the major effect will be instead to open students' eyes to courses that they were dimly aware of."

What do you think about this system? Would you base your college application decisions on the predictions of software algorithms? 


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