Silicon Valley mogul to teach at Stanford

Students who are filling out college applications in hope of learning the skills to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Biz Stone may be in for some good news. According to Reuters, Peter Thiel will soon be teaching at Stanford University in California.

Thiel will teach a class on the foundations and principles of startup businesses. Students filling out college applications for the renowned technical school could learn how to launch software and technology enterprises of their own from one of Silicon Valley's most outspoken mavericks.

Thiel is the co-founder of online payment giant PayPal and a well-known entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, who previously foresaw the rise of Facebook, social gaming and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Such firms rely heavily on innovative computer scientists to develop the sophisticated software behind these well-known platforms.

Computer science is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing majors at campuses around the country. According to Network World, students can command substantial salaries upon graduation due to increased demand for skilled technology professionals, and the complex range of skills required to succeed in today's technology sector.

"I think the job market is what's driving the growth," Bruce Porter, chair of the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, told the news source. "The government has made it clear that computer science is a growth field, and I think that message is getting back to students and their parents."

To capitalize on this trend, many schools are actively embracing a startup culture on campus. According to GeekWire, officials at the University of Washington recently pledged to double the number of startup technology businesses coming out of the school by launching a new incubator that can accommodate 25 businesses. Several startups have already moved into the new facilities, including a cloud storage computing business, a small nanotechnology company and a sustainable building materials firm.

According to news blog Mashable, internships can be really important in helping you transition from college life to launching a startup business. Elliott Spelman, an intern at WePay and graduate of the University of Southern California, said that professionalism and being realistic about employers' perceptions of younger employees were vital to succeeding in today's business world.

If you're thinking of filling out college applications or are doing a college search, don't be tempted by superstar professors or guest speakers. Find the college for you by identifying the course you want to study at a price that makes sense.

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