Senator says president’s education reform is on right track

President Barack Obama has made the issues of college accessibility and affordability major parts of his education reforms. Some senators, including Ron Wyden, a Democratic senator representing Oregon, say that more needs to be done to make things more transparent for students filling out college applications, reports The Huffington Post.

Senator Wyden also emphasized the importance of using every dollar of federal funding effectively if education reforms are going to make a difference to students and individuals hoping to enroll in higher education.

"Right now, the information about the potential of various careers, the track records of colleges and the like is essentially strewn all over the countryside," said Wyden, as quoted by the news source. "I think students and their parents are now saying in addition to accessibility, we want to wring the maximum value out of every dollar we're spending on education."

Wyden has taken steps to helping students and their parents make better-informed decisions about where to study. According to KTVZ News, Senator Wyden's The Student Right to Know Before You Go Act aims to provide high school seniors and their parents with detailed information about the costs of college, employment prospects and other information.

Before you commit to any decisions, be sure to research potential schools thoroughly. 


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