Second White House college affordability meeting planned

The White House will host a second meeting of academic leaders and university presidents to discuss how to make higher education more affordable, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The news source received an email from an associate of an official who was invited to the event earlier this week. The message revealed that "administration officials will engage presidents and chancellors in exploring constructive solutions to bringing down college costs, making higher education more affordable and attainable, and regaining America’s global leadership in higher education attainment."

Details have not yet been released about who has been invited to attend.

Making college more affordable and accessible for students has been a cornerstone of President Barack Obama's education policies. According to the official White House website, the president vowed to change how universities are funded to reflect how much they are doing to make it easier for students filling out college applications to attend.

Measures outlined by President Obama during his State of the Union address earlier this year included the introduction of a $1 billion initiative to encourage colleges to keep tuition costs down and increase the number of students enrolling from low-income and minority backgrounds.

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