Real world topics come to Virginia college classroom

The University of Virginia has introduced several real world topics to its classrooms for a special class entitled The Sociology of Work, reports The Washington Post.

Up to 17 students took the class for two weeks this month. Subjects covered in the class included employable majors, the job market, interview tips and workplace politics. The course will be taught by the president of the university, Teresa Sullivan.

Sullivan used real examples from her own life to teach students about the realities of the workplace, including stories about her pregnancy while working. She also brought in other administrators to share their own experiences about life, work and what students can expect when they graduate.

College is a great place to learn real life lessons. In a recent article published in the Huffington Post, author Holly Robinson said that students filling out college applications should be open to new ways of thinking about life goals and experiences.

"College, you see, is not really about preparing you for the job market. It's about gaining the knowledge and skills you need to seize opportunities," Robinson wrote.

If you're thinking about filling out college applications, although finding a job after school is important, you should also be sure to remain open to exploring new possibilities and figuring out what you want from life.


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